How to use PINTEREST to refine your style!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Pinterest is handy for so many reasons, from cooking tips, teacher gift ideas, children's birthday party planning, style/outfit ideas and so much more. But have you ever looked at it as a defining tool to achieve your own personal style? No, then here are a few tips and tricks to get you started!

  • If you haven’t already start by creating boards on your account. I have given you a few examples of mine below from Fashion/Style, Curvy Style, Petite Style, STYLE FLEUR, Style Tips, People, Fashion Editorial, Being British, Places and more. I would start by creating a few boards like MY STYLE or FASHION, CELEBRITY STYLE, OUTFIT BOARDS and STYLE TIPS or whatever speaks to you.
  • Start PERUSING by using the search function and be specific about what you are looking for; silk maxi dress, tripe t-shirt outfit, curvy style dresses, petite size outfit ideas etc. and continue to narrow down until you find the type of pins you are looking for.
  • If there is a celebrity whose style you admire and is a similar shape to you, search for them and start pinning their outfits/looks to your Celebrity Style Board. My example is Giovanna Battaglia below, who is one of my style icons! Yes you may not be able to afford a Victoria Beckham dress, Chanel bag etc. but it just gives you inspiration of how to wear your little black dress for your size and body shape, or how to add a pop of colour in a different way.

  • Search for outfits ideas, where you will find “outfit boards” that many bloggers create to give you ideas on what to pair with a denim skirt for example, down to the shoe and accessories. You would then look for “denim skirt outfits” to see what pops up. Pin things that you LOVE, don’t worry about prices etc., they are just ideas of how to outfit, use pattern and colour and how to accessorise certain pieces. I have put together a few of my outfit boards to give you examples of how they can be such an inspiration. I often create boards for clients when they have no idea what to put together with a certain item they own. So many people NEED the visual to be able to then go and find the other items they need to create an amazing outfit, that both suits them and they feel good in.

  • Start to follow friends, people, bloggers who like the same things you do and inspire you. The more people you follow with similar tastes the more ideas will start to appear in your feed for you to pin! More often than not, you will come across PINS that you absolutely LOVE and have to recreate. Because I have clients, followers that are all beautifully unique, are many different shapes and sizes, I follow many people and boards that I know my clients will love and be able to replicate. I am also pinning consistently to all my different boards from petite style to 6ft + style.
  • Follow BRANDS you like; my example is J.Crew below! They are constantly posting outfit boards, styles for the office, and current sales, giveaways etc. Also follow Brands that you LOVE but don’t shop at because they don’t stock your size for example; it really does not mean you don’t enjoy their aesthetic and trust me, inspiration is everywhere and you can recreate so many styles/outfits to suit YOU!

After you have updated or created a few boards following the ideas above, take another peek and you’ll be surprised at how much more refined and consistent your style, tastes, preferences are.

So, the next time you are outfitting from your closet or out shopping, keep all those elements in mind!

For those of you that have not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet and are wondering what all the fuss is about; head over to my PINTEREST account and join in on the virtual fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Happy Pinning!

Charlotte xo

* All photos courtesy of Pinterest and Style Fleur