Q & A: Memorial Day Style

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Earlier this week, I was asked the question, what would I be wearing for Memorial Day! The discussion went from do we actually have to follow certain rules, like wearing white or red, white and blue etc. to I never know what to wear!! So hence, I thought this weeks Q & A should be on what to wear this Memorial Day!

Well, I am British, live in the States and to be honest sometimes can get a bit confused with all the Patriotic holidays but there is one thing that I never get confused about; how we should never forget those who have died while serving their country and how to "dress for the occasion"!!

I wear white all year round, so I guess I am a big rule breaker but traditionally once Memorial Day hits, it is time to break out the white ladies! To have a patriotic feel to your ensemble you don't actually have to go completely overboard.

So if you are celebrating the day here in the States or are enjoying a long weekend elsewhere in the world, here are a few outfit ideas to get you geared up for the Summer!

Happy Memorial Day!

Charlotte xo

All photos courtesy of PINTEREST and outfit boards by STYLE FLEUR.