Q & A: How to keep your costume jewelry from turning green...

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Hello everyone!

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This weeks question is:

Q: I love nothing more than expensive, precious or vintage jewelry but I only own the odd piece, so I generally buy inexpensive "on trend" bits for everyday use. However, as much as I love costume jewelry, the majority of pieces I have are all tarnished now and when I wear them, my skin turns green. It is so annoying, as some rings and necklaces are so cute!! Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? Any tip you could share would be a great help!

A: Unfortunately, perfumes, lotions, sweat and anything else we put on our skin can cause non precious metals to tarnish. So many times, I have had a green tint left on my finger, neck and ears too, so I totally agree with the annoying statement! There is nothing you can do for the pieces that are already tarnished I am afraid but I can HELP you stop this from happening on the next piece you buy.

I cannot remember where I go this tip I am about to share with you from but it is tried and tested and I am happy to report, it totally works.

Next time you buy any budget jewelry made of less expensive metal, coat any area that will come in contact with your skin with "CLEAR NAIL POLISH". After a few wears, I repeat. It is that simple.

I hope this helps. Follow up with me and let me know! I love feedback.

Until next time....

Charlotte xo