Style Fleur Q & A

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Good Morning!

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Style Fleur Q & A is an opportunity to have your style questions answered on a weekly basis. You can email, text, comment or tweet them to @thestylefleur.

This weeks question is:

Q: I would like to start wearing more print and wondered if there were any rules for mixing certain prints and patterns together? I just don't want to end up looking like I got dressed in the dark or look like someone will call the fashion police on me!

A: There are no rules that are set in stone but it is important that you stick to similar colour tones and not too large of a print; mix with a stripe, polka dot or leopard print.

With it being your first try at this, I would recommend going on pinterest or instagram and looking for print on print outfits that suit your style and body shape.

Then I would take a look through your closet and pull out items that you think would work together. The key to getting it right is TRY them on together, experiment - you need to feel comfortable and look like you are not trying too hard.

Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you in the outfit...seeing it in a photo, rather than in the mirror is also a fab way of seeing if it all works together.

Be true to your current style and if it is easier, try wearing a floral scarf with a leopard print boot/flat to start with to build up your confidence.

I have made many a style mistake over the years and so what - if it does not work, you won't try it again! Be daring - it is just all about having a little fun! x

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Charlotte xo

All photos courtesy-Pinterest.