Sail Away into Spring

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

NAUTICAL STYLE: For all of you that know me well, you know how much I LOVE stripes! I wear them all year round and just outfit according to the seasons!

Spring is almost here - well with all the snow again here on the East Coast today, it is hard to believe but in less than 20 days, it will be all about donning the right attire! :)

Want to get the nautical look with White Skinny Jeans, a Breton Tee and Gold Button Blazer without spending a small fortune? Yes? Then below are two outfits I put together, with the same look and feel but at very different price points.

One is a steal and one is a splurge but both are rather cool, don't you think? The 7 items on the left equal a total value of $285 and the 7 items on the right equal a total value of $3935!!

If you invest in one item this Spring, make it the Breton Tee - a must have staple in any woman's wardrobe! The one on the left is a steal at only $20 and can be found at My advice is to shop around and find the perfect fit and stripe for you!

Charlotte xo