Thursday Closet Tip

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Happy Thursday everyone!

Todays post is all about feeling organized and less anxious when shopping your own closet!

 Creating outfits and shopping your own wardrobe is supposed to be fun, not overwhelming!

  • Do you look in your closet and think "ughh, I have nothing to wear"?
  • Do you have lots of clothes but just don't know what items work together, get overwhelmed and end up wearing the same old thing?
  • Do you have garments falling off hangers and everything is just a disorganized, cluttered mess?
  • Do you lack space and only have one rail?

  Photo courtesy: before photo

*YES, then here are a few quick fix closet tips to get you started and make your closet feel a little more organized!

1. Take EVERYTHING off your closet rail and by style, (put all tops together, all jackets together etc) put them onto the bed or an extra hanging rail.

2HANGERS-switch out all your hangers, so they are the "same type/brand of hanger. One of the reasons closets look so messy, is we have such a mix of hangers! Who admits to keeping the "dry cleaning" wire hangers?! They are soooo not good for your clothes long term and to be honest, they are tad ugly aren't they! Some wooden or plastic hangers are tricky too, unless they have a no slip on the corners/ends, as everything tends to slide off, one side or the other, creating more of a mess. Our clothes then look in disarray, we get frustrated getting things in and out of the closet and well, who needs that sort of stress on a daily basis?

You can find VERY reasonable packs of non slip hangers at places like Clos-sette too, Costco, Marshalls, Ikea etc. and they come in array of lovely colours to suit you and your décor. You can find a pack of 10 quality hangers starting at only $4.95

3. COLOUR CODE-once you have switched out all of your hangers, put all tops, trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses etc together by section. Then step back, take an overall look at your closet and think about colour. How easy and organized would it be, to have every style together by colour? Not only does it look more visually appealing but it makes it so much easier to pick out a top in white, pink or black, then a skirt and so forth! It is such a time saver in the morning or when preparing an outfit for the next day! :)

Start with one style, let's say TOPS, in white, then  move onto cream, then pale pink and so on. Then section by section continue to do the same, one style at a time, coordinating each section going from light to dark, as this is how the eye naturally travels.

Photo courtesy: uniform hangers, light to dark

4. EDIT-You will feel so much more organized when you are finished and will probably find items that you have not worn in years, still have the tags on etc. These pieces need to be tried on again and you can decide, are they give-away, consign or keep (this can also be done at stage one when you are switching out the hangers).

Regardless of the size, a more organized, neater closet is absolutely possible, by just making a few of the changes mentioned above. If you love DIY or budget friendly closet ideas CLICK HERE for even more inspiration! You don't have to have a walk in closet like Sarah Jessica Parker to make it look and feel FABULOUS; it just has to be a closet, that not only works for you personally but makes you smile.

Imagine choosing outfits for the week ahead with no stress or frustrations! YEAH!

I would love to hear how you all get on and if the changes have had a positive effect on your daily routine!! Let me know in the comments below! :)

Charlotte xo