by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Good Morning!

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This weeks question is:

Q: I would love to know how to fold my sweaters etc, so they look neat and organized! I know they use some sort of board and the flip folding board, I saw advertised once, but it looked way too complicated! Do you have any idea where I could get an easy folding board, that is easy to use?

A: Yes I do! I would just go with a regular folding board. These are much easier to use, as the flip folding boards are tricky at first. It really does help keep your closet organized, neat, and having items folded at the same size, helps you see what you have at a glance. Here are a few boards I recommend but places like Amazon have a great selection at reasonable price points too. Always put the sweater face down and fold the sleeves in! Then stack your sweaters in neat piles by colour.

 Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Sweater Folding Boards-set of 5

Folded directly into sweaters and other stacked knits, these boards keep your clothes looking tidy and smelling rather great. Cedar and Lavender have been used for centuries to repel bugs, and the folding boards’ breathable cotton fabric allows the scent to travel throughout your closet. Love these!

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Brabantia folding boards

Fold your sweaters or shirts for a crisp, tailored look and maximized closet storage. I love this one for it's step-by-step directions that are etched into the durable board and with a hanging hook.

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Acrylic folding boards

Another great board for only $3.95 with polished edges and carrying handle.


Hope this quick answer helped and if you need any further information, just let me know!

Happy Folding!

Charlotte xo