Closet "quick fix tips" on a budget!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

As you all know, once a week I try to give a tip or two to make our lives a little easier with closet and organisational tips! Feel like your accessories are taking over your closet? Here are a few fun and inspiring ideas, especially for those of us on a budget, with a small space or who just love to create!

1. Belts-just screw in hooks to a regular pant hanger and voila, all of your belts can accessed and seen with ease.

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2. Necklaces-screw door knobs onto a board or wall in your closet. These are a great way to add a little whimsy and organization to your jewelry, so necklaces to not get tangled up. You can also find great hanger organisers to hang on the back of a door, that will store all of your jewelry from earrings, to bangles and necklaces.

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3. Scarves-a great budget friendly way to organise your scarves is to add shower curtain rings to your hanger or add a hand towel bar on to the back of your closet door. Colour co-ordinate them too from light to dark, so when outfitting you can go right to the colour/print you need!

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4. Handbags-A magazine holder is a great way to store clutches, wallets etc. Shelf dividers work wonders on keeping handbags upright on shelves. Again keep this by colour, size and style, so you can see what you have. These can be found really cheaply or why not just make your own! :)

If you would like more fun diy tips and inspiration for your closet, head over to:

Happy Organising!

Charlotte xo