by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Good Morning!

Style Fleur Q & A is an opportunity to have your style questions answered on a weekly basis. You can email, text, comment or tweet them to @thestylefleur.

This weeks question is:

Q: What is the easiest way to remember what I have in my closet and what I need to add to it? If I go shopping for more than one item, I completely forget what I need to complete the gaps in my wardrobe.

A: Great question! When I work with clients we edit their wardrobe, then work on a photo look book, which basically references how you create outfits from what you already have in your wardrobe. I then help the client create a list of the pieces that are missing and what they need to buy. Having a list to reference while you shop is so much easier and prevents you from buying things that you already own.

Here are a few options I recommend for you:

-  upload photos of your pieces of clothing to iCloud

-  keep a list of what you need to buy on a memo on your phone. When you buy an item you can just delete it.

- there is a great new free app (apple app and Google play) called Stylitics. This app let's you create your outfits, your items and a shopping list. You can choose to have this private or public. People upload photos of their looks too and you can save ideas for inspiration!  It is the largest digital closet platform on the web, so definitely worth taking a look and if you have any questions on this app or how to utilize to suit your needs, just let me know! You can go over to to find out more.

- for those of you out there who like to keep things basic, nothing beats just writing a list of all the items you need on paper, a little memo pad or type up a list. The memo pad or actually typing up the list, will lessen the worry of you throwing out a well loved bit of paper from your bag!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :)

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Charlotte xo