Style Fleur Q & A

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

For those of you that are on the East Coast of the USA right now, I do hope you are staying warm in these frigid temperatures!

On a warmer and brighter note; It's Style Fleur Q & A Friday!

I recently helped a friend with a "tights" dilemma and thought it was such a good question, I would share it today! The question is:

Q: I am in my 40's and want to spice up a little black dress. It is below freezing here and I just don't know whether a patterned or coloured opaque tight is a good option for me?

A: Absolutely! A dash of pattern or a pop of colour can add a little whimsy to an outfit. However, there are just a few key things to remember; 

- you have to feel comfortable with adding a little whimsy

- wear the tights with something simple and solid; think little black dress or cream sweater, black midi skirt etc

- a bootie or closed toe shoe only

-you can mix textures; black lace, black faux fur etc but be wary; if you feel uncomfortabe, it is not the right mix for you

- colour is key: think black and plum, black and teal or maybe a black and a cream lace stripe down the back of the tights.

I would say age is not an issue, if they are appropriate for the occasion, event and most importantly fit your own personal style - go for it!!

Charlotte xo

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