Here's to "YOU"!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

I know this Colbie Caillat song has been shown over and over again but I just love the message and who doesn't need a good reminder at the start of 2015, to just love and accept YOU, just the way you are?!

It should be a daily note for us all, as there is nothing more beautiful or empowering than loving the skin you are in. Yes, we can all feel a lot better when we pop on a bright lipstick, lose a few pounds and I know this can provide us with a little more confidence as we step out into the world but accepting your true authentic self first and being ok with it, is a game changer.

Another great way to look at it is realising that others do not see your wrinkles, blemishes, odd grey hair etc. What they see is the beauty of "YOU" with or without make up. They see the kind heart, the beautiful smile, the bright mind, the twinkling in your eyes as you describe something that brings you joy.

Confidence and style will grow the more you are true to your authentic self. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go by just being "YOU"!

Happy Thursday!

Charlotte xo