Style Fleur Q & A

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

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Style Fleur Q & A is an opportunity to have your style questions answered on a weekly basis. You can email, text, comment or tweet them to @thestylefleur. I try to get to one or two every week!

This weeks question is:

Q: I have a tight dress I am planning to wear to a wedding in March. I have a few lumps and bumps that I am a bit self conscious of and would love to know what you recommend to wear underneath? I have tried tights with the tummy control but it did not seem help much!

A: I totally recommend SPANX. They are all about controlling the bulge and smoothing out those lumps and bumps you mentioned, no matter what shape you are. No visible panty lines, bra lines either and there are many different styles from panties to bodysuits to choose from. You may feel a bit like Bridget Jones in her Granny Knickers initially but trust me, it is like losing 5 pounds when you pop one of these undergarments on - power panties indeed! :) There are also many other brands out there at slightly cheaper price points too, like Jockey and Maidenform and still do a great job.

Here are a few websites I recommend that sell Spanx or similar tummy control undergarments. If you have the time, check stores like Marshalls, TK Maxx etc, they often have top brands at half the price!

Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Beyoncé and Katie Perry all swear by Spanx for the red carpet and are not afraid to admit to having a little help, smoothing out the odd lump and bump! Love it!

Photo Courtesy Spanx

Let me know if you have any further questions ladies!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Charlotte xo