Daily Outfit Tip

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Thursday Closet Tip:

Life in general can get rather hectic at times and mornings always seem to be the busiest! Whether you are a stay at home mum, office assistant, lawyer or teacher, getting ready for the day can sometimes be just a whirlwind and a tad overwhelming! It seems time is always of the essence. We end up throwing on the same old outfit, something totally safe or let's be honest, sometimes, just anything that is remotely clean! :)

We are all super busy and the last thing generally on anyone's mind is what we are going to wear the next day! Do you or anyone you know plan outfits ahead of time, down to the shoe and accessories? Maybe on special occasions but daily?

Here are a few closet tips, to get you started and save you time and energy every morning?

1. As shown in the photo below, have a bar on the wall, on a door or make a small section in your closet, that is dedicated space for your daily outfit.

2. Always choose your outfit the night or a few days in advance. That way you have time to create an outfit and shop your own closet to come up with something new and fresh.

3. Don't forget about shoes and accessories. Plan these ahead of time too. No room in your closet to do this? No problem. Grab a little basket and add the shoes, scarves, jewelry etc and leave it under the outfit, ready to grab, dress and go!

4. Have the extra room or a walk in closet? Try and create outfits for your 5 day work week on a Sunday and watch how it makes you try new ways to wear items in your wardrobe and daily life that little bit easier!

Let me know if you are willing to take on this challenge and see if it helps your routine and stress levels in the mornings! Would love to hear any feedback in the comments below.

Feel like you could do with a few more organization tips for your closet? If you answered YES-I am now available via Skype to give you the specific tools you need to you get your closet and wardrobe in tip top shape!! So, no matter where you are in the world, I am available to help! :) Head over to www.stylefleur.com/services for more details on all services available. Make the change today!

Have a super day everyone.

Charlotte xo

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