by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Colours convey an emotion and can elicit a different response from one person to the next, whether it be a dress or the leaves on a tree. They say something about you sublimely and create a certain energy, which in turn can effect your mood.

I truly believe that the colours we choose to wear are a form of non verbal communication and can make a positive or negative impact within seconds. A colour can either make you glow, look and feel luminous,  or make you look tired, dull and dreary. They can speak volumes about who you are, how you feel and how you show up in the world.

When you know which colours suit you, and how and when to wear them, trust me, you will literally light up! How are you incorporating colour into your own personal style? Don't be afraid to explore the world of colour and try something new!!

Photo Courtesy Gucci

Here are a few BASIC TIPS to get you started:

1. Have a strong foundation of neutral, solid, simple pieces that flatter you and your shape in your wardrobe.

2. Build an array of accessories, shoes, jewelry etc which show more of your personality with pops of colour. Just by adding these to a basic piece, can make the light reflect off your face differently, making you appear brighter and project a positive aura.

3. Research!! Try lots of different colours up against your skin, in a natural light, with no make up and focus on pulling out all the beautiful colours in your eyes.

4. Be clear and honest with yourself. Do the colours make your eyes brighter or make you look ill? You should feel, and look brighter the minute you pop on one of your colours!

5. Try something new and add more colour to your life! Here are a few books for your reference:

- Life in Color by Jesse Garza

- The Color of Style by David Zyla


THE COLOUR GUIDE below is a fun reference guide of all colours, from warm to cool. From soft neutrals to deep hues, subtle shades to jewel tones, find the perfect palette for YOU!

Photo Courtesy

Style is not just about the clothes you wear but a combination of energy, spirit, inner beauty and the way in which you carry yourself. It is being true to your authentic self and incorporating the colours, shapes and patterns that highlight your natural beauty.

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Charlotte xo