Perfectly imperfect in our own unique way..

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

We all have a unique and special beauty but as women, do we see ourselves less accurately than others do? As women we need to spend more energy embracing our beauty and bodies for what they truly are.

There have been many and I mean “MANY” occasions over the years, that I looked in the mirror and only focused on what I saw as my faults. It became a pattern. Doing this created an energy that was both negative and exhausting, not only for me but for those around me.

I really don’t know if it is age, having children or investing the time on my inner self or a combination of all three but my pattern looks a lot different today. Yes, I still have all the so-called faults, my own personal body image negatives, off days but I have chosen to accept each of my flaws and embrace them, rather than fight them. 

Let me be honest with you. There is no way I would have posted a photo of me au naturel ten years ago, but today, I see the real me, positives, negatives and all and you know what, I am surprisingly quite comfortable with it. Focusing on my positives has assisted in the creation of a different kind of energy and outlook both personally and professionally.

Natural style starts to bloom, as you feel more comfortable with “you”. A more radiant version of oneself emerges, changing the way you present yourself, with a quiet confidence as you step out into the world with a new beat. At times you can actually feel unstoppable in whatever it is you have set out to achieve. Imagine that?

Life can be just so busy and more often than not, taking care of ourselves first, is not the priority. Taking the time to invest in oneself starts on the inside and once you start on that journey, you start to bloom; something just clicks and that inner and outer beauty really do start to reconnect. This not only boosts your self esteem but your inner light starts to shine and your energy and passion shifts for the better, in all areas of your life.

My tip of the day: Look in the mirror and come up with your own “I am beautiful because…” mantra. It may sound a little silly but is a positive shift in the way you will start to see yourself.

  1. State three positives about yourself:

  • I have ….example (a beautiful smile)

  • I have ….

  • I have ….

Start your day being perfectly imperfect in your own unique way!

Charlotte xo

Why is Style Fleur’s approach to style different? My goal is to hold you accountable to your greatness and for you to feel and see your true beauty, the unique star that you are! Style is not just about the clothes that you wear but a combination of energy, spirit, inner beauty and the way in which you carry yourself.

How you dress sends a message to other people and clothes, like it or not, really do give insight into who you really are. To take control of that message you have to celebrate the unique YOU, enhancing all of your positive features and attributes, not focusing on your negative ones.

I will support, guide you through a style transformation connecting the dots as we go. My aim is to teach you how to dress to reflect the real essence of who you are. The end result is clarity between your identity and image, which will not only boost your self esteem but give you a fresh new outlook on style and self.

Want to get started on a style journey, connecting your inner and outer beauty, creating a style that simply reflects "YOU"? Contact me at or click here for all services.