Kate Winslet Quote

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

I absolutely love this quote by Kate Winslet and just had to share it!

In todays society it seems more and more women are unhappy with their appearance, weight and tend to focus on negatives more frequently than the positives. 

Unfortunately, there is a huge problem with self body image in western culture. I for one, have struggled with this in the past and now having two bright little girls, (who like to point out my flaws regularly by the way), make a point to always respond with positive statements; embracing the beauty of my so called flaws/uniqueness and actually believing in my own truth.

If I manifest the positive within me/about me, then;

1. I feel better, brighter, more confident and actually believe in it.

2. I pass on a more healthy outlook on self body image to others.

3. More importantly, my beautiful girls will grow up with a healthy outlook to body image and love the skin they are in. 

Take action for yourself, your friends, your children, nieces, godchildren etc to have a healthy, positive body image and reinforce the beauty of being the one and only you, unique to the core. Focus on one of your positive qualities everyday and see the change unfold!  LOVE the skin you are in!!!

Charlotte xo