Style Fleur Q & A Friday

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Well, today is the day - STYLE FLEUR Q & A Style Friday!!

Thanks for all of the style questions ladies! It has been just fantastic to receive such great questions regarding anything from colours, undergarments, accessories, to what to wear with what! I am excited to get to answer as many of them as I can in the coming weeks.

Here is this weeks question:

Q: Can you give me guidance on which boots go with what style of jeans/pants? When do I took them in, when do I leave them out?

A: There are no rules set in stone about this and it totally depends on the current trends and your own personal style! However, there are definitely a few ways to wear certain styles of boots and pants together, so you don't look like you got dressed in the dark! Here are a few general ideas and visual style boards to get you started!

Tips to remember:

-When wearing boots, the key is to remember to stay clear of too many colours when matching your pant and boot. If you stick to the same colour hues when possible, it elongates your legs and body.

-You have to feel comfortable. It is not just about following a trend.

-Think about your height and shape. Not all pant and boot looks are made for you and that is OK. We are all unique and carry off different looks for a reason.

The Skinny Jean is a great fit with the tall boot, riding boot, chelsea boot, cowboy boot, ankle bootie and more.

The Straight Leg Jean is perfect fit with the wedge boot, chelsea boot, high ankle boot, flat ankle boot and more.

The boyfriend Jean or Cropped Pant is perfect for anything from rain boots, knee high boots, to heeled chelsea boots.

The Wide Leg or Boot Cut Jean is a fab match with an ankle boot, high or low with a chunkier heel generally.

Have a style question? Leave one in the comments below or send me a message and I'll try to choose one or two every week to answer!

Charlotte xo