Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes..

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Vogue's latest story on bra cup sizes features a beautiful array of women! To me this is a great segway into how the right underwear, can really improve your shape. This is true for women who are skinny, curvy, saggy boobs, non exisitent boobs and much more. I think because it is worn underneath are clothes its relevance comes way down on the style or shopping list. How many of us busy mums, career women, have greying whites, wires poking out of bras etc and any surplus income we have goes elsewhere, whether is be soccer camp for the kids, a weekend away or a new outfit. We think, better to have a new top, than a new bra, right?! Nope. Good bras and panties can literally change the shape of your body and with todays enhanced technology, you will find the perfect fit and cuts for you; we just have to invest ladies!! Having the right undergarments will not only help smooth out the bumps we are not so fond of but make you visibly lose pounds, when you pop that outfit on!

Photo courtesy "Vogue".