Affordable and Sustainable Style

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Happy Monday!! :)

How was your weekend? I had a complete day off yesterday and had lots of fun with my family!! I also had a potter round a fab second hand store and it got me thinking about a post....

So, I wanted to pop in today and talk about luxurious style and how it can be both affordable and sustainable.

If you are building your brand/business, financial decisions, investments, are the key to success but your dream of having your favourite designer shoe or bag, a classic cashmere sweater, may be way back on the backburner for now.

I challenge you ALL to think of new fun ways to make it happen!!

I absolutely love vintage shopping, designer consignment stores, flea markets and have found so many goodies over the years. I love the fact it has history, a story...

You may love luxurious brands like Gucci or prefer the more understated brands but in these little gems of places, you can find pieces that make you both feel and look amazing. Many of these stores have websites too, allowing you to shop from home if you prefer!

You can also rent or buy pieces for special events, photoshoots etc from places like which has such amazing choices at a fraction of the regular price.

One of my other favourite places to shop for second hand bags and shoes is and they allow you to pay in installments too...woop woop!

Do you have a favourite vintage shop, or consignment store you love? Share in the comments below..would be fab for us all to find more places to hunt for a special something for our wardrobe, both worldwide and online, don't you think?!

C xo

The PAJAMA Trend..

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Happy Monday lovelies!! ✨

What are you all working on this week?! I have been planning my week, making a few calls, answering emails, and working on content, doing Facebook and Instagram posts and more today!

I wanted to pop in and talk about pajamas!! Yep..I am taking the "working from home look" to a whole new level.


This trend is still going strong and I for one and so glad it pops up again, season after season.

The silk fabrics are so luxurious and effortless, chic and comfy

I know nailing the look can be much easier said than done but trust me it does not have to be that complicated and no matter what your style, can be done in a way that feels authentic, suits you and your signature style.

✖ think about your everyday style..are you classic, boho, chic, elegant etc and choose a pj top that fits in with that vibe

✖ a pj top does not have to resemble the typical silk button down with piping but tunics, kimonos, camisoles are a great alternative

✖ if you don't have one, look for vintage, or shop the etsy for Hinton this sort of thing

✖ think about the occasion; Skype call, date night, dinner with the girls, shopping etc

✖ you don't have to wait until Spring..layer all you like to make it wearable now

✖ just because it is a trend does not mean you cannot make it work for you or your style - wear it "your way"!!

Here are a few outfit boards for some visual inspiration!

Who wants to give it a go?! ;)

C xo

Emergency STYLE Kit

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

**Emergency Style Kits** are not just for Stylists but for us all!

What is an emergency style kit?

What is in it?

Why do you need one?

Well, have you ever been in a scenario where you have chosen the perfect outfit, have an event to get to, are in a big hurry and bam - a style crisis happens, like a broken zip, a hem comes down and then yes, panic sets in?

You fumble around trying to find something else in your closet that will work but nothing feels as good because you had your heart set on that outfit or have to step into a room full of professionals and all of a sudden your hem falls down and then that is all you can focus on?

Ughhh so frustrating, right?! I am here to share a quick tip today, so you will be forever prepared if this should ever arise!!!

Who needs extra stress if a wardrobe malfunction happens? Having a quick fix solution at hand, will keep you cool and looking put together, until you can get to the tailor etc.

Here are a few things to keep in a little bag or basket that are super helpful:

* Safety Pins for a Broken Zip
* Double Stick Tape for Hems or Gaping Bodices
* Lint Brush or Roller
* Adhesive Buttons in case a Button Pops Off
* Mini Sewing Kit
* Dryer Sheet Helps with Static and Deodorant Stains
* Mini Stain Remover to Remove A Coffee Spill
* Bra Clips to Handle PeekaBoo Straps

Other things to add if you really want to get as a fancy as a stylist kit...;)

* Earring back just in case you lose one
* Nail File for a quick fix
* Hair Band and Bobby Pins to change up a hair style quickly
* Make up sponge which can help with shining your shoes and getting rid of a deodorant stain
* Blister Pad if You are Wearing High Shoes all day
* Mini bull dog clip

I highly recommend you all have one, so you are not rushing around like a crazy person if this ever happens to you!!

A small make up bag can fit all of this in and can be kept in your closet and can also be taken with you, if you head out to an event, photo shoot etc. :)

Who already does this or is willing to pop one together and try it?!

Let me know...:)

Charlotte xo

Add an ELEMENT OF SURPRISE to your outift!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your week!

Today, I just wanted to share a quick tip with you all about adding an ***Element of Surprise*** to an outfit!

Scan your closet and just for fun, add a *contrasting* item to your look! Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking;

* a dress with a motorcycle jacket and high sandal
* a sequin jacket with denim in the day
* silk with running shoes
* a classic piece with an edgy piece
* stripes with print
* sweatshirt and silk scarf
* your hubbies tie as a belt

Don't overthink it...start off with a belt, jewelry etc and take it from there...contrast is something that can make a good outfit, fantastic!

I challenge you to give it a go - who is with me?!!! ;)

C xo


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Being both a woman and stylist, I know how it can be daunting for some to feel good in a swimsuit! BUT, I want to put an end to the fear and frustration that come with swimsuit shopping right now!!

So many online and brick and mortar stores have fabulous options for us all, no matter what our shape is. Swimwear should make you feel good, not want to make you cover up!

Let me tell you this, all our bodies deserve to be celebrated and the swimwear designers certainly know how to make us feel like woman, strategically placing embellishments, cuts that support or highlight to enhance those positives, so we forget all about those jiggly bits etc.

Read on to get a few more tips and visuals on how to find the perfect itsy bitsy bikini or va va voom swimsuit today!


Look for a way to balance proprtions;

  • plunging necklines draws the eye upward
  • patterned tops and plain bottoms, again draw the focus to the top half, not the bottom
  • halter neck with a deep v
  • patterned on top, solid on bottom


Support on top is key;

  • underwire
  • straps
  • higher backs
  • full coverage


How to create the illusion of a bigger bust;

  • triangle tops create the illusion of curves
  • embellishments
  • ruffles
  • tiny scoop tops
  • high halter crop tops


How to create the illusion of curves;

  • strategically placed cutouts
  • embellishment or interest equally on top and bottom create curves
  • smaller bottom creates a fuller cheek, promoring curves
  • ties on side of bottom can create more balance and shape too

TUMMY CONCEALING to conceal a few of those jiggly bits;

  • rushing/shearring
  • wrap silhouette and crossover work well
  • high waisted 50's style bottoms
  • tankini
  • one piece with blouson effect


How to show off those curves;

  • colour blocking works well
  • asymmetrical styles
  • support and coverage where needed
  • band on waist works well

I know there are lots of different shapes out there and this post could go on forever but hopefully you can take away a few tips from this for your personal shape and shop away in confidence!

A few of my favorite swimwear designers/stores for different budgets, style and shape;

Marysia, Seafolly, Jcrew, Athletica, Nina Swim, Lands End, Freya, Karla Coletto, Acacia, Phylyda, Norma Kammali, Zimmermann......

Chat soon and let me know how you get on or if you have any more questions..

Charlotte xo

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest.


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Summer is in full swing and sometimes, outfit planning for a hot day can be a tad challenging. ! I love having go to pieces that can be the go to for any summer occasion, from a pool party, barbi, day at the beach to jumping on facebook live stream with clients.

My answer - you should have lots of versatile stylish essentials at the ready!!! Here are a few of my must have pieces that will take you from the beach to jumping on a client call at a moments notice!


Today, you can find so many styles everywhere and at all price points. It is just about taking a few minutes to try lots of different styles to find the perfect one for you.

FEDORA: The "fedora" and is a good hat for "all", as it comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

LARGE FLOPPY BRIM HAT: a great style for those of us that love a little bit of old school glamour!

PANAMA: one word - classic!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are on your hunt:

  •  The Occasion
  • Your Personal Style
  • Your Faceshape
  • Body/Height size


Here are a few fun tips for picking out the perfect pair for YOU! :)

Sunglasses buying guide:

  •  Determine your face shape
  •  Pick a style that works for YOU and your face shape, don't just follow the trend (you can do that with colour of frame and lens)
  • Make sure they fit well on the bridge of your nose, behind the ears and don't press down on your cheekbones
  • Choose sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection
  • Shop around, both in stores and online, as you can pretty much find a great pair on any budget!

Other things to keep in mind;
- If you are wearing all black or neutrals, then sunglasses are a fabulous way to add a pop of colour to your outfit.
- They can add that fun and whimsy to an outfit and are a great accessory to switch out often.
- They are also great to add instant style when you have to dash out without make -up.
- Look at them like you do jewelry/accessories - switch out to go with your outfit and current mood!
- If you prefer shopping online, many websites have a tool where you can upload your photo, so you can try the different shapes on "your" face that way too.


I wanted to share with you all the "must have bag this summer" and this one is one of my favourites from India Hicks!

From the beach to the city, from bold to delicate, tassels and pom poms...there is a style for us all from mini to a bag to pop your dog in too!

They look amazing with a feminine, lightweight cotton dress, wide leg denim and a tee and the larger one's make the perfect beach/pool or shopping bag!!

  • Make sure to look at the way it is made and that the fibers will ware well.
  • Is it lined, which is also a fun way to add a pop of colour you love
  • Are their spots for your valuables - zip compartment
  • Add tassels, pom poms, scarf etc. to the handle of your bag to make it your own


Make the most of the summer months by opting to wear fabrics, colours and prints that you would not be seen dead in over the winter months; try tangerine, turquoise, yellow for instance and small or bold floral prints but of course go for colours that work with your skin tone and light you up!

Things to consider when searching for the perfect summer dress or cover up;

  • Choose a style that suits your body shape
  • Something that will be practical for your lifestyle
  • Fabric that can be dressed up or down
  • If you live in a hot or humid climate then opt for cottons and linens
  • If buying online look at length and read the reviews
  • You can make a classic dress more current by wearing a fun sandal or modern jewelry


For the Summer, I love delicate pieces and I find that they work well from going from working with a client to popping on that coverup and heading off to the beach. I absolutely love layering pieces too.There is no specific method for layering jewelry except for creating interest with shapes of pendants and try to get them at varying lengths.

  • I like to layer with the same tones, silver on silver, with maybe a pop of gold or colour.
  • Most jewelry chains come with a length adjustment, to make it easier for layering.
  • I also like to mix vintage pieces with designer and high not only is mixing styles fun but also makes it unique to you.


The popular neutral for daytime glam and one of the must have pieces this season is the metallic sandal! I love heels but nothing beats a good summer flat, that can add instant chic to an outfit!

  • Are they comfortable? Don't forget out feet swell in the heat, so if they are tight when you try them, think again
  • A fun metallic is a great way to add fun, style to a monochromatic or white dress, or outfit and can up the style factor instantly!
  • If you are not a metallic kind of gal, then go with a fun pop of colour or an is all about what works for you

These are just a few of my top essentials but what is missing from the list above - a SWIMSUIT or BIKINI!! Don't fret, how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape is coming up in the next weeks blog post...:)

In the meantime, if you are feeling totally stuck, fed up or just want to elevate your current style, then I would love to invite you to get on a complimentary call with me. Book your style assessment with me here, so we can explore how I can help you today.


Charlotte xo


PS: FYI - I have an exclusive Facebook Group where I share lots of style tips, tricks and so much more daily. Don't miss out...come over and join this inspiring group of women..would LOVE to have you!


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Do you need some inspiration for a versatile dress this season? Look no further - the Denim Dress is back!

If you have been looking for a denim dress that will take you from Spring through Autumn but will also take you from meeting with a client, a casual event,or running errands, this is such a versatile piece . When you start looking the range is just endless and you can find some great styles, for any body shape, on almost any budget.

From Tibi, to Gap, to Warehouse there is a style below to suit all personalities and body shapes! Here are my top picks for Spring/Summer.

Once you have the cut of the dress down pat, just add flat or high sandals, espadrilles, wedges, or pumps you accessorise is how you will make it your own!

What do you think? Ready to give it a whirl?

C xo


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

For all of the fabulous new followers or if anyone missed it, if you want to step out in style, it truly does start in your closet!!! Time to declutter and start afresh? With my closet challenge, you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, with step by step action steps to get inspired and make it all happen.

Don't forget you can pop your questions here in my Facebook Group or email if you need the extra support!! <3

C xo

Personal Style - What is Yours?

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Good Morning everyone!

I love this quote because it does say so much about how your own unique style is formed. With my clients I like to form the bridge between inner and outer beauty - that is why I talk about the "ESSENCE OF YOU" before we even get into creating that "SIGNATURE STYLE". Not every client wants or needs this but I combine my expertise with style/fashion with my skill of helping women feel their unique beauty from within.

A natural personal style truly starts to bloom, as you feel more comfortable with you; accepting the parts you are not so fond of, knowing how to enhance your positives, what colours work well on you, which one's make you smile, prints or accessories that remind you of a trip overseas, knowing what cuts/shapes work well on your body type, choosing pieces that fit in with your age - they all play an integral part of stepping out into this world as YOU.

My mission is to help as many women feel good on both the inside and outside, by giving them the tools and strategies they need to dress for success in life or business. Want to explore how we can work together? Then click here and let's chat!

Have a stylish day!

Charlotte xo


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

 Guest Blog Post - How to Stay in Shape When You Travel

So you finally treated yourself to time with a personal stylist, you’re one savvy lady!

But now that you have all those perfectly selected items, you definitely don’t want to worry about whether or not you’ll continue to fit in them.

Making sure that you stay in shape by getting into a healthy routine is a great start.

The problem?

Starting and sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging enough when you’re on a normal schedule, but how do you stay on track when you travel?

I've got you covered! I’m Catherine Basu, a certified personal trainer and the owner of Fit Armadillo® <>, taking over for Charlotte today to share by best tips for staying in shape when you travel.

1.Schedule time to fit in fitness

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or to keep building your entrepreneurial empire, scheduling time to fit in fitness is key.

That's why I recommend starting your travel days with some movement. This is important for many reasons. If you are traveling outside of your time zone, it will be a huge help for regulating your sleep schedule.  Additionally, moving for even 20 minutes in the morning has been shown to increase your focus and put you in a positive mood for up to 12 hrs after the session.

It can be tempting to skip your early morning workout if you have to attend a conference, but I can promise you won’t regret it!

You’ll feel more energize and as I’ve learned from experience, inspire any of your peers you meet in the elevator on the way to and from the hotel gym or your walk/run :)

2.  Make working out while you travel a way to explore a new city

Running or walking around the city that you’re traveling to can be a great way to explore it. I love running while I travel and logging my miles with my favorite fitness gadget, the Polar M400 <>, because I get to have a souvenir of my travels.

Here’s a map made from a run I did on a recent trip to Paris:

Speaking of Paris, on my trip I had the option to take the metro, but I walked instead.

When I got back from my less than 1 week visit, I had lost 2 lbs - yes - in spite of indulging in Bordeaux with most meals, cheese, chocolates, macaroons, and more foods I rarely enjoy all in one week. All that walking is what did the trick!

Whengot back from my less than 1 week visit, I had lost 2 lbs - yes - in spite of indulging in Bordeaux with most meals, cheese, chocolates, macaroons, and more foods I rarely enjoy all in one week. All that walking is what did the trick!

3.  Be mindful of your food choices

OK, I DID just say that walking through Paris allowed me to lose weight while indulging in local specialities, BUT I was walking a LOT.

So if you’re just doing a 20 minute morning walk, this one is definitely key.

I have three top tips for eating healthy so you can stay in shape when you travel. 

First, try to make sure half of your plate is made of fruit and or veggies at most meals.  Next, if you’re snacking, try to pair fiber and protein when you do so you stay full longer. Foods with fiber are things like fruits, veggies, and was a chips. Protein focused foods include nut butters, hummus, and light cheeses.  So, if you're stuck in an airport, a cheese and fruit plate or hummus and veggie plate are good choices.  Finally, try to keep a healthy snack, like nuts on hand.  This way you have some healthy option no matter where you are.

Well, there you have it! My top three tips for staying in shape while you travel. I hope they've inspired you stick to your routine.

But, if you have any questions or maybe need someone to work out with when you travel for extra accountability? I'd love to help you out! Reply to this post or hop on over to Fit Armadillo <>to check us out. We offer live 1-on-1 online personal training sessions that you can book with as little as 30 minutes notice and would love to help you stay on track in spite of your busy lifestyle.

Stylish Ways to Wear A Belt!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Hello lovelies!!

SO today I wanted to chat about BELTS! From the runway, bloggers, editorials to #NYFW, lots of women are finding new, creative ways to make it their own.

There are so many different styles of belts to choose from; skinny, wraparound, obi, no buckle, rope, fabric, skinny scarves to vintage brass and the list goes on.

Belts can make an outfit so much more! It can add colour, texture, define a waist, follow a trend and let's be honest, who has lots of these still in their closet, that have not seen the light of day for years?! Grab a few of them now and read on to get a few of my tried and tested tips and tricks!

TIP: 1

Not every type of body shape is going to pull off every style of belt, so be realistic to where you are right now and what type of belt will look good on your shape. Remember STYLE is about the essence of you, so stick to what you know works for you and don't just follow a certain trend. Look on Pinterest for celebrities who are a similar shape and size to you; look in the search bar for "how to layer with a belt, if you are petite" etc.

TIP: 2

- If you have an undefined or short waist opt for a curved or two tone belt, which will give the illusion of a more waisted shape.

- A slim or narrow belt is good for a short waist.

- Try a wide belt for long and defined waists.

- A bold colour is great for a long waist.

TIP 3:

How to style it;

- wear it as a statement piece

- over a dress and scarf,

- over a coat, or trench coat

- as an obi to spice up an little black dress

- over a tunic blouse

- over a blanket wrap


There are lots of fun ways to tie or wrap a belt. Trust me, there are no rules are set in stone; make a bow, knot it, twist and have a piece hanging down - stand in front of the mirror and just try it!


Have any old ties, scarves that are just collecting dust? Try them out on a trouser, a gilet, or your daily go to denim. This is such a fun way to add a little colour and print to a minimilstic outfit!

SO many styles, so many fun ways to wear them - how are you going to BELT IT UP today? Just have fun and why not share our photos over in the group #STYLEFLEURSOCIETY so we can all see how creative we can be with just a belt?!!

I hope the visual inspiration and tips have been helpful and if you think someone else may find this post useful, then please share with your friends on social media - sharing is caring! ;)

Have a fabulously stylish week!

Charlotte xo

PS: All photos courtesy of Pinterest

This seasons must have shoe silhouette is...

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

YES!!!! This seasons must have shoe silhouette is…THE MULE!

The chunky heel, the open toe makes them an easy go to and they can add a little downtown cool to an outfit. AND did I mention comfort and versatility?? That sturdy heel and the open back, take away all the worries of scrunched toes and heel blisters for a busy femboss on the go!

So many clients are way can I wear those clunky numbers but trust me, all it takes is finding the "right" style of MULE for YOU! They do come in super flat and closed toe too, so how to wear them is endless!!

They come in so many different heights, colours, shapes, fabrics etc. that there is a pair out there to suit us all! They can have a 70’s vibe to them, a modern edge or add a little Parisian flair to an outfit for sure but there are soooo many ways to wear them and make it work in with your signature style.

Here a few photos to get you inspired - go on ladies- give a mule a chance!!

If you have any favourites or a pair you already own and love, please share in the comments below or head over to my Facebook group for women entrepreneurs and post/share your pics there!

Wishing you all a stylish weekend!

Charlotte xo

PS: if you have shorter or wider legs, don’t opt for the really high front option, unless wearing with denim, as it can cut your leg off, making them appear shorter.

PPS: all photos courtesy of Pinterest!

What does Confidence have to do with Spanx and Magic Knickers?

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Hello lovelies!!

As a personal stylist, I work with women on not only personal STYLE but CONFIDENCE! Owning the unique shape and beauty you are is so key! So many times, I hear I cannot wear a dress or skirt because I have too many jiggly bits etc.…I am here to tell you, you can!! The right undergarments AND the right style of dress, skirts to suit you, your shape, personality will make you feel FABULOUS – trust me!

Photo courtesy Pinterest

Vogue did an article in 2014 about bra cup sizes features a beautiful array of women! To me this is a great segway into how the right underwear, can really improve your shape. This is true for women who are skinny, curvy, saggy boobs, non exisitent boobs, c-section tummy, curvy hips  and much more. I think because it is worn underneath are clothes its relevance comes way down on the style or shopping list. How many of us entrepreneurs, busy mums, career women, have greying whites, wires poking out of bras etc and any surplus income we have goes elsewhere, whether it be back into the business, soccer camp for the kids, a weekend away or a new outfit. We think, better to have a new top, than a new bra or splurge on a power panty, right?! Nope. Good bras and panties can literally change the shape of your body and with today’s enhanced technology, you will find the perfect fit and cuts for you; we just have to invest ladies!!

Having the right undergarments will not only help smooth out the bumps we are not so fond of but make you visibly lose pounds, when you pop that outfit on! So if you have a brand photo shoot coming up, a live event, a video series or are off to a wedding, truly it will make all the difference.

Also, I always have my clients go and get a bra fitting. Yep! So important to know and have the right size for you. Lingerie boutiques and department stores such as Nordstrom do fittings but there are also great tips/videos of how to do this yourself at home on Pinterest too. This will make you feel more comfortable; make a difference with shape, how your clothes feel but mostly, it will have an overall effect on your confidence!

I totally recommend SPANX or MAGIC KNICKERS. They are all about controlling the bulge and smoothing out those lumps and bumps you mentioned, no matter what shape you are. No visible panty lines, bra lines either and there are many different styles from panties to bodysuits to choose from. You may feel a bit like Bridget Jones in her Granny Knickers initially but trust me, it is like losing 5 pounds when you pop one of these undergarments on - power panties indeed! :) There are also many other brands out there at slightly cheaper price points too, like Jockey and Maidenform and still do a great job.

Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Beyoncé and Katie Perry all swear by Spanx for the red carpet and are not afraid to admit to having a little help, smoothing out the odd lump and bump!

So, who is dashing out to buy some great confidence booster bodyshaper, bra and panties? ;)

What do you think ladies? Do you have any questions or comments? I am here to support you all!

Charlotte xo

PS: Photos courtesy of Pinterest/StyleFleur and Video courtesy of Trinny and Susannah TV


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Do you wish to create a style/image that you are proud of and one that makes you feel like YOU?

Do you desire to present yourself to the world in a stylish way but don't quite know how?

YES? Then, up level your STYLE today by being in a supportive group of like minded women...never underestimate how the power of feeling good about how you look can have on your confidence and self esteem!

I would just LOVE to welcome YOU into the STYLE FLEUR SOCIETY FACEBOOK GROUP! I am so excited to support you on your style journey and will be sharing Style tips, a weekly Style Q&A, Photo shoot tips, Shopping tips, Fashion tips, Closet and Wardrobe tips, Confidence tips, Inspiring Quotes and so much more! I offer you on the spot tips to help you get out of style overwhelm and the society is a group where we can support and inspire one another with each of our own style needs!

Why wait? It is going to be so much FUN! My 5 Day Style Challenge starts soon! Look out in your inbox for details!

Click on the link below to JOIN NOW or just press reply to this email if you have any questions!

See you over there!

Charlotte xo


by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

It is time to SHINE!

There is a way for you to get your glow on this holiday season, stay true to your style and have no fear of looking like an over the top glittery cupcake!

Festive attire - from sparkles, gowns, to culottes, here are a few fun ways to glam it up for your next dinner, cocktail party, or work fete!


All outfits/pieces and where items are sold, can be found on my page on Polyvore

 Charlotte xo

Tips to keep your closet in tip top shape!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Want to feel organized and less anxious when getting dressed in the mornings?! Just making a few changes to your closet could make all the difference!

When it comes to closets, having it organized and clutter free makes it easier for you to see what you have, create outfits and feel way less stressed when deciding what to wear.

  • Do you look in your closet and think "ughh, I have nothing to wear"?
  • Do you have lots of clothes but just don't know what items work together, get overwhelmed and end up wearing the same old thing?
  • Do you have garments falling off hangers and everything is just a disorganized, cluttered mess?
  • Do you lack space and only have one rail?
  • Do you keep clothing on the wire hangers when they come back from the dry cleaners?

*If you are feeling any of the above, then here are a few quick fix closet tips to get you started and make your closet feel a little more organized!

1. Take EVERYTHING off your closet rail and by style, (put all tops together, all jackets together etc) put them onto the bed or an extra hanging rail.

2HANGERS-switch out all your hangers, so they are the "same type/brand of hanger. One of the reasons closets look so messy, is we have such a mix of hangers! Who admits to keeping the "dry cleaning" wire hangers?! They are soooo not good for your clothes long term and to be honest, they are tad ugly aren't they! Some wooden or plastic hangers are tricky too, unless they have a no slip on the corners/ends, as everything tends to slide off, one side or the other, creating more of a mess. Our clothes then look in disarray, we get frustrated getting things in and out of the closet and well, who needs that sort of stress on a daily basis? You can find VERY reasonable packs of non slip hangers at places like Clos-sette too, Costco, Marshalls, Ikea etc. and they come in array of lovely colours to suit you and your décor.

* Make sure you leave a little space between each garment, as cramming them in together will cause a wrinkly mess - you want to be able to take an item and pop it on, not have to start ironing before you wear an item from your closet!

* Who here leaves the plastic on their clothes when they come back from the dry cleaners? You think you are keeping your dress etc. free of dust and safe right? NO! The plastic traps in moisture, causing yellowing, staining and weakening of fibers!! As soon as you get them back, take off the wire hanger and get rid of the plastic asap!

* Hanger exception: Try to store coats in another closet and make sure you have sturdy "coat hangers" which can take the weight and will help them keep their shape.

* Never hang a sweater, so you don't lose the chance of them losing their shape.

* Always press trousers and hang along the creases, so it keeps the creases where they are supposed to be!

Photo courtesy

3. COLOUR CODE-once you have switched out all of your hangers, group items together; all tops, trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses etc together by section. Then step back, take an overall look at your closet and think about colour. How easy and organized would it be, to have every style together by colour? Not only does it look more visually appealing but it makes it so much easier to outfit; pick out a top in white, pink or black, then a skirt and so forth! It is such a time saver in the morning or when preparing an outfit for the next day! :)

* Organise each category; start with one style, let's say TOPS, in white, then move onto cream, then pale pink and so on. Then section by section continue to do the same, one style at a time, coordinating each section going from light to dark, as this is how the eye naturally travels.

* Separate your clothes by season and switch out your wardrobe according to the weather/climate.

Photo courtesy

4. EDIT-You will feel so much more organized when you are finished and will probably find items that you have not worn in years, still have the tags on etc. These pieces need to be tried on again and you can decide, are they give-away, consign or keep (this can also be done at stage one when you are switching out the hangers).

5. FOLD - Want to know how to fold your t-shirts, sweaters and so on like a pro? I would just go with a regular folding board. These are much easier to use, as the flip folding boards are tricky at first. It really does help keep your closet organized, neat, and having items folded at the same size, helps you see what you have at a glance. Places like Amazon have a great selection at reasonable price points too. Always put the sweater face down and fold the sleeves in! Then stack your sweaters in neat piles by colour.

* You can find my selection of folding boards by heading over to my blog and pop in "folding boards" in the search bar!

Photo courtesy

6. SHOES - If you have the room, have your shoes facing out - toes first. This really helps you see more of the shoe, and therefore when choosing your outfits out, you can see colours and styles with ease! You can also store in boxes and take a polaroid photo of the shoes and put on the front of the box.

* Care for your shoes - find a reputable cobbler to re-heel etc.

* Never put away shoes wet! Dry them off with a towel and stuff acid free paper into the toes, so the shape of the shoe does not alter while they are drying. Put them in a warm area on a towel to dry. Do not but them on a direct heat source like a radiator, as this causes leather to crack and more.

Photo courtesy

Regardless of the size, a more organized, neater closet is absolutely possible, by just making a few of the changes mentioned above. If you love DIY or budget friendly closet ideas CLICK HERE for even more inspiration! You don't have to have a walk in closet like Sarah Jessica Parker to make it look and feel FABULOUS; it just has to be a closet, that not only works for you personally, does not cause you any stress and most importantly makes you smile.

I would love to hear how you all get on and if the changes have had a positive effect on your daily routine!! Let me know by pressing reply or just pop a comment below! :)

Have a stylish week ahead!

Charlotte xo

* All photos courtesy of Pinterest

5 Style Tips to Transition into the New Season

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Hello lovelies! Yes, it has been a while but I am back! I have been working on some exciting changes over the last few weeks, so watch out for lots of fun new things coming your way this Fall/Winter!

But I digress..onto this weeks post....:)

Whether you have a monthly budget for clothes and have already started compiling your wishlist for this coming season OR just want to know what are the must have items are, so you can try and incorporate them into your wardrobe; here are a few of "my top style picks and tips" for this season!

STYLES - Fall 2015

Photo courtesy Pinterest

1. SWEATER LUXE is something as simple as a sweater dress with boots or layering finer knits. If your body shape does not favour the chunky knit or polo neck, stick to your classic pieces, like a cashmere and layer with a wrap in one of this seasons hues!

Photo Courtesy Pinterest

2. SLEEVELESS VESTS including faux fur, duster coat, minimalistic wool and chic tailoring!

Photo courtesy Pinterest

3. THE MAXI DRESS as seen above here by Burberry has both the 70's feel and is very much the print this season. There are great alternatives at Top Shop, Monsoon, Asos and if the boho feel is not your thing, then how about adding a little paisley or patchwork with a scarf?!

Photo courtesy Pinterest

4. SUEDE AND FRINGE is one of the items to invest in and is definitely on my list!!! From fringe bags, to boots, to midi skirts and ponchos; in styles from the classic Ralph Lauren jacket to a Zara poncho, you WILL find a piece that will work in with your own personal style.

Photo courtesy InStyle

5. The 70's are sooooo back and so is the BLOCK HEEL BOOT. You can find knee highs everywhere in a wide variety of price points and they look fabulous with almost anything from a midi skirt, maxi dress, skinny jeans and more.


Here is the Pantone colour chart for this season. Not all of these colours may work with your skin tone, so you may have to go a few shades darker, lighter etc., as you don't want to look washed out; YOU want to radiate!

A few of the other strong colours out there are BURGANDY, Army GREEN, TAN and lots of shades of CREAM.

Photo/Colour Chart courtesy Pantone


If you are still in a very hot climate, on a tight budget, or are not particularly fond of the palette, then think about adding trend colours with the following:

1. Beauty - lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polish are a great way to add pops of colour.

2. Scarves in prints that incorporate a few of the colours but make sure the base tone is in one of your shades. If you are not big on scarves, you can always add one to your bag - tres Parisienne!!

4. Jewelry - delicate or bold, from high street, vintage to designer, is a fab way to add a touch of one of the hottest shades this fall.

5. Shoes - Tieks by Gavrieli are my new favourite running around ballet flat and come in a wonderful array of colours from muted to brights!


One of my top tips for transitioning to cooler weather is layering! Some of this seasons "IT" pieces are just perfect from ponchos, large fringe scarves, sleeveless vests, coats, jackets to suede over shirts.

JUST HAVE FUN with style this FALL! Stick to the rules for your body shape and your own personal style and just try to implement a few of the styles/tips mentioned above and you will find yourself feeling a lot more current without feeling like a fashion victim or like you are trying too hard. And as always if you have any style questions, or would love to suggest a blog post, just send me an email and I'll get back to you asap.

My passion is to help women feel current, stylish while remaining true to their personal tastes. If you haven't already, head over here and see how we can work together!

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!

Charlotte xo

How to Wear White after Labor Day!

by Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Here in the States there is this saying " you cannot wear white after Labor Day" but says who?? I think that rule was broken a long time ago, especially since WHITE can look just so darling with neutrals, creams and blush tones.

YES, Fall is on the way but does that mean we have to switch out to greys, blacks and browns? NO of course not! We are still in a little heat wave here on the East Coast and in many other parts of the world, so trust me, my white jeans are not going anywhere, anytime soon!!!

Regardless of the season, there are so many fun ways to wear white!! There is just this classic sophistication when layering neutral pieces together too. So, here is a little outfit inspiration for you all this holiday weekend!

Try the pop of a croc shoe, which brings all the tones together!

Add neutrals with a shoe, bag, blazer, trench or coat.

Love the blush tone here with the white and how the sunglasses and nail colour, add a little depth to the overall look.

From straight leg, boot cut, wide leg - white denim is a great transition piece to have in your closet. If you don't own a pair, now is the time to make the purchase, as they will be in the summer sales, at a fraction of the original price.

The further you head into Fall/Winter - camel and tans add warmth to any outfit!

Have a question on how to wear white?! Don't hesitate to reach out - I am here to answer any of your style questions ladies. Just comment below or reply to this email and I'll get back to you within 24 hours! :)

Enjoy the long weekend and have a stylish week ahead.

Charlotte xo


* All photos courtesy of Pinterest